Value your Time ~ Kathleen Packard

Value your time

How are you using your time?


Many times we get focused on something
and before we know it a lot of time has
passed by and we have not accomplished
the task that we wanted to do or needed
to do.

A tip that I picked up from one of my mentor’s
Alex Mandossian was to set a timer for not longer
than 50 minutes

When we do that our subconscious seems to
go to work to accomplish the given task in the
allotted time frame.

At the end of the 50 minutes get up move around
go get a drink, get away from where ever it was you
were doing and get refreshed in that 10 minutes.

It’s helpful if you can schedule your time in blocks
throughout the day…. Your body then gets into a
rhythm , where it will be much easier for you to get
certain tasks done.

By doing this you will be sure you get your family time,
blog time, marketing time, whatever tasks that are
important in your life, you have the time scheduled so
you can take care of your business.

Look at your day and see what things absolutely need to
get done for your business each day and you will find that
by doing this That you will have so much more free time.

There will be more time to spend with your family than there is
now, because the time you will spending getting those
task  will be laser focused.

Make it a Great Day!
Peace and Success,

Kathleen Packard







Thoughts from Jeremy of the Diamond Dream Team
on blocking out time.

Let’s start chunking out our days on what it takes to get that accomplished.
How many hours is it going to take?
What you need to do?
Do you need to go somewhere?
Do you need to buy something?

Really think about the greater goal.
Once you’ve got a chunked out and your five days plan, so you got your chunks of five days.
What you need to do day one…
what you need to do day two…
to what you need to do day three, day four and day five.
Now that you haved your five day plan.
Your five chunked out days.
I want you to take every single day and I want you to block out your time.


About Kathleen

Kathleen Packard is an entrepreneur who has owned a successful l offline business for over twenty five years. She is also internet marketer who believes in sharing quality products that can make a positive difference in people’s lives. She lives in Union, Me and has two grown children and two granddaughters.
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  1. Awesome blog Kathleen! We could all use a lesson on chunking out some time to get things done in a more timely manner.

  2. Karen Hill says:

    Awesome Kathleen. This time thing is even more important if you have lots of time.

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