So Excited for My Friend, Mentor, & Leader Steve AKA BizNutt

The news today that Steve had persevered and won his personnel battle

with cancer was definitelySteve__-_Cancer_Free reason to shout

with joy and praise God
for his blessings and answered prayers.

As Steve was preparing the last couple of weeks
by having to be on a completely salt free diet, it
brought a lot of awareness as
to how hard it is find food without salt.

His wife was ever vigilante to be sure there was not a trace
of salt in anything that Steve had prior to his treatment or
he would of had to endure more time on a salt free diet.

This was a dark chapter in his and his families lives, but
he never gave it a chance to consume him.

Just the opposite he went from being a Navy helicopter pilot
to CEO of his own online business,

As he was going through treatments and recovering from surgery
he discovered and became an online marketing leader with the
Internet Lifestyle Network, where he his cofounded the
Diamond Dream Team

I am reposting his blog that he wrote as he sat waiting for
the results of his final testing after his treatments were

Steve is always sharing what he learns, and he learned
alot about products that contain salt.

Please take the time to read it as he shares how important
it is to know the ingredients of any product you may be

Live every day to it’s fullest
Peace and Success

Kathleen Packard






Please take the time to read Steve’s message here:

Just how, EXACTLY, do I go about fighting Thyroid Cancer you may ask?

I thought I would take this time, waiting once again in the hospital, to shed some light on my cancer adventures, to pass the time, and help educate people who might be curious about my form of cancer.

You know me… I love me some teaching ;)

So hold onto something and get ready to learn at the same pace I had to!

I had a cancerous tumour growing on my thyroid that had unfortunately spread into the lymph nodes of my neck. As a result, I’ve had my thyroid gland completely removed, along with 40 lymph nodes, a parathyroid gland, and of course the tumour itself. This all happened through a super awesome adventure called a radical neck dissection.

No I won’t give you the link to the video ;)

The point is that I have to remove ALL of the thyroid cells from my body. Good and bad.

Now check this out… Thyroid cells are the only cells in your body that absorb iodine. And so, in order to remove ALL of the thyroid cells in my body first I had the radical neck dissection to remove the thyroid gland. Then after 6 moths and the incision was healed, I ingested radioactive iodine that spreads throughout my body and is absorbed by the remaining microscopic thyroid cells, wherever they are left in my body, and it oblates them.

It takes about 2 weeks of special dieting in order to get ready for that radioactive iodine treatment. Hence the reason I cannot ingest salt, or anything that has salt in it. Not because it’s salt (NaCl: sodium chloride) BTW… but because salt has IODINE in it. It’s also in the vaccinations we give to farm animals and hence the reason no poultry, no dairy, no meat. And of course nothing from the ocean (salt water). So just as a polite heads up (you know us Canadians) to the few people who actually wrote me that my wife is cooking me garbage… there’s a reason I am eating what I am an not the foods you want me to. (Was that harsh? Well… so were some of the e-mails I received… and I’M the one with cancer… aahahahaha!)

Mmmmm gotta love mini wheat’s and coconut milk… again!

Here’s the part where I explain to many amazing people who have been ultra supportive in offering me dietary, medical, and/or medicinal advice EXACTLY WHY I have not taken them up on suggestions or products.

If I were to ingest or come into contact with any iodine what so ever it would undo weeks worth of special dieting. Besides, I have no thyroid left anyway and I should not be consuming excess iodine. Imagine a jelly fish taking calcium supplements aaahahaha!!

Because I have no thyroid, I need to be on special meds everyday for the rest of my life that mimic the output of the thyroid gland. In order to best absorb the radiation I need to starve the remaining thyroid cells of iodine for 2 weeks and also trigger them to absorb the radioactive iodine by taking two injections of Thyrogen 48 hours (24 hours apart) before my radiation treatment.

Luckily the military is springing for these $1,500 injections.

So you can now understand why I cannot have any iodine and the important role that avoiding it plays in my fight against cancer. Besides, the team responsible for removing my thyroid and creating these guidelines really are professionals that have a recognised qualification in the field of cancer research. I have all the faith in the world in the modern medicine I’m receiving. At least that’s what I tell myself every time they poke me with a needle, hook me up to some monstrous machine, or tell me to swallow some radioactive slurry, lol.

So… why the post about iodine? I wanted to help educate people who sell health, nutrition, and well being products that they really MUST be aware of what it is exactly they are offering people and especially the ingredients inside them. You may think you have the healthiest, all natural product in the world, with a solid track record for curing millions, and believe that it is made for everyone… but not everyone, and not every illness, is created equal.

No amount of healthy raw food, herbs, extracts, minerals, vitamins, cleanses, patches, air purification product, or enagic water machines are going to grow back my thyroid gland any more than it will grow back a missing leg or a hand lol. I wish for it everyday but let’s get serious… your product won’t re-grow a missing gland.

Here are some of the products that I’ve been offered lately.

Powerstrips (Marine phytoplankton = iodine)
Super Healthy Barley (iodine)
Vemma products (iodine)
Essiac Tea (Kelp = iodine)
Zija (iodine)
eXzuze (Blue algae = iodine)

And on and on and on they go…

My oncologist has said these are all actually detrimental to my recovery. Crazy as they are all designed or used specifically to treat an illness, injury, or meant to better your life. As a responsible marketing professional you must to be acutely aware that what you’re offering someone and the potential side effects especially if they are telling you that they have a life threatening illness. Despite being made certain by the person selling it that it was “Exactly what the doctor ordered” it is not ALWAYS in someone’s best interest.

They fact of the matter is that thyroid cancer is caused by radiation exposure and not by the foods I ate. There is no cure (yet) for a missing body part but I’m certain that one day there will be. The hardest part of having this discussion with people almost everyday is having to relive the last year of surgery, diets, radiation treatments, and unfortunately the tears of my wife and daughter. I know that people want to help and offer their home remedies and proof that their product turns back the clock on cancer, and whatever illness it’s been “proven” to cure, but it cannot turn back time. Not even broccoli will help, lol! (Whew)

I hope that by posting this people will read, understand, and become aware that not everything they offer, although from the goodness of their heart, is meant for “everyone”. Please do the research and understand what is in your product. Everything I eat is for a reason. The treatments I get are because there is no alternative for combating this form of cancer. Traditional chemotherapy that everyone is familiar with does not work with thyroid cancer and most people simply do not understand that about this disease. Now you do.

From the bottom of my heart thank you EVERYONE for the out pouring of love and respect that you have shown me and my family this past year. I hope this helps teach some, correct others, and shows you that I truly am doing everything possible to get back to a 100% rock solid good to go Biznutt ;)

Love and Respect,

Steven Barnes
The Biznutt

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Kathleen Packard is an entrepreneur who has owned a successful l offline business for over twenty five years. She is also internet marketer who believes in sharing quality products that can make a positive difference in people’s lives. She lives in Union, Me and has two grown children and two granddaughters.
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  1. Thanks for reposting Kathleen! I didnt’ see this from Steve and it is great information for others to see, especially coming from a Cancer Survivor who has been through this process.

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