How Does Your Environment and Habits Affect Your Business ~ Kathleen Packard

Hi there,

Which affects your life more Environment or Habits?

How they relate to your business, personal life
and success. totally relate to how we react, how
we think and what we take action on.

If we’re in a negative environment or an environment
that is not supportive it can totally shutdown any
progress that you’re making or want to make toward
changes in your life.

Habits….if you have habits that are not conducive to
what you want in your life, you might not even be aware
of what habit you may have that is stopping your progress
toward success.

Are you someone that has the habit of buying a program
or product and you never unwrap it or you start it then
quit just before you have success?

Maybe your that person, you don’t ask for help you don’t
reach out and get the help that you need.

Successful people have mentors and/or coaches. They use
their success, their knowledge, their skills and their
eyes to see what they can’t see.

When you think about the successful people, like
Tiger Woods, foot ball, basketball, swim teams, they
all have coaches.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they are better than they
are at what they do , it just means that coach can see
what they can’t see

That coach is looking, watching and observing, so that
then they can help reflect on what they see happening.

You may have something that you keep doing over and over,
out of habit ,never even realize you are doing it…..But
having a coach and using their eyes to watch to pick up
on what may need a adjustment, or share another way of
doing what you want to get a positive result, that could
lead .to your success.

How do you Start your day?

Do you start it by taking care of your body,mind
and spirit, before you take on the challenges of
the day?

These are some of things you may want to take an
inventory of.

Start some spring cleaning to get rid of the things
in your life that do not serve you and are dragging
you down, rather than letting you soar to your
potential and live the life you are only dreaming
of living…

Don’t settle for being just comfortable and having a
mediocre life.

Create an amazing life,
Peace and Success,

Kathleen Packard

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Hi my friends……I can hardly believe the Leader of
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What a time he has picked to make things just go
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Kathleen Packard

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How I woke up to $6000 dollars while having My morning Hot Chocolate

Hey Friends,

I’ve been pondering for the past week as to how to share
my excitement from last Sunday morning as I was having my
hot Chocolate and opening my email and checking on Facebook
that I saw while I had been sleeping Saturday night I
had made a  $6000 commission….WOOOHOOO!!!….:-)

I thought okay, how do I share this so that so it brings
value to other people?

New marketers often wonder can this really happen
for me?  The answer to that is absolutely it can
happen for you, it happened for me, I had no previous
online marketing experience, I have been a cosmetologist
for 30 years, standing behind a chair.

How did it happen? I followed the training’s from
Mark Hoverson & Vincent Ortega Jr, inside
The Network.Lifestyle Network

Mark just brings so much value, especially his Solomon
products which are teachings from the book of Proverbs
and King  Solomon.

It’s all about wisdom and being diligent. don’t waste
time, do the things that need to be done.

Once you have been through these training’s. you have
grown, you have expanded your mind. Now you have
marketing knowledge and wisdom to share with others
as you venture out into this industry.

That wisdom lives and transfers on though us.

How I made that sale was I did videos and blog
posts.  The person joined me, because they
followed what I was doing, and the value I was

The trainings and the products within
The Internet Lifestyle Network are tangible,
They have real value that is going to help enhance
and change your life.

We offer a private vacation club.
Which give the user multiple  weeks a year
without any yearly added expenses.

The Member owns this for a lifetime.

They can transfer their membership to their
children or anyone else they would like, without
anyone incurring any yearly maintenance fees, taxes
or exchange fees when choosing a destination. All
of those things added to the immense value.

The other things stressed within The Internet Lifestyle
Network is to have integrity, transparency and to do
things with love.

When you do all of those things in everything that
you do through your emails, your blog through your
videos people will notice and the right people will
be attracted to you.

The people that want those same values that Mark is
teaching will be drawn to you.

There are people out there waiting for you. They are
waiting to hear your message.

So if you’re afraid of putting yourself out there
where you will be noticed, you are doing a disservice
to the people that have been waiting for you.

People that are waiting to hear you deliver your message
because when you deliver it is what’s going to connect with
the person that’s waiting for you

There is no shortage of people, is no shortage
of anything in this world we just have to believe.

We have to share what we learn, then take action.

When we do all of those things, it comes back to us.

So I encourage you that if you have not seen or know about
The Internet Lifestyle Network:

Click the links below:

There is a free promo ( just enter the word  Secret7  in the promo field)
Where you can experience the training’s for seven days. We are
confident that when come in  do the training’s, you will
experience a shift in your life.

If its not for you. You’ve lost nothing, but should you
see the value of what we have and want to become part of
this family and a family we are, We have such an amazing

So go ahead click on the links, subscribe to my YouTube Channel,
connect with me on Facebook, send me a message and see how I can
be of help  so you too can start living the life you dream of.

Make it an amazing day!
Peace and Success

Kathleen Packard


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Hi Friends,

In my part of the world it is Sunday morning as
am writing this.

The dogs have been feed and have found their favorite
spot to take a morning nap….My husband Bill, is on his
way back from a trip with some great high school kids that
visited Washington D.C.

What an amazing opportunity for these young, impressionable,
energetic teenagers.

Thinking about their young lives and how life’s circumtances
can determine how we see ourselves and life’s journey that we
are on, whether we will achieve our dreams or just let them

So this morning when this video was placed in front of me as I
started my day I wanted to share it, with you that I may have the
opportunity to touch your life.




Life has a way of containing us

But we all dream big!

Every second of every day a dream dies…

But why?

Sometimes there’s a wall standing between us and our destiny.

But our walls can break.

The is the first place we give up, is in our own mind.

There’s power in breaking free from my own limitations, our own barriers.

It’s easy to come up with excuses, reasons we can’t accomplish the
dreams that are deep inside of us

But we are all are made for something great!!!

We can move forward.

Don’t let life contain you.


Take a few moments each day to really give thought
to what it is you want, and the changes you want to see.

This is what helped me break free, and start to live the
life I had always dreamed of.

Make it an amazing day,
Peace and Success,

Kathleen Packard


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Mark Hoverson share his thoughts on The Total Lifestyle Alliance

Mark Hoverson shared three things on why he loves the TLA

I think the vision behind The Total Lifestyle Alliance,
here’s the thing, for me, this is just for me; take it,
if it works for you.

Number one, in my business, I’ve always been a product guy.

Meaning in the make money at home thing, pretty much my dominating thing is:

Does the product on its own feel good for a buyer?

So if they join and they never make money, they actually don’t make money ,
they join, but they have the products that they bought and they win
because of those products

What’s really cool is inside The Total Lifestyle Alliance two of  the
primary products, GRN the travel membership I’ve used for years, it is
a vastly superior offer to a timeshare. The average price of a timeshare
is $16,000, maintenance fees average about $800 a year for one week of use.

We have 20 weeks of usage.

You pay up to $800 per usage savings are anywhere from 60% to 90%.

On a lot of three stars some two stars. three stars even four stars that
I’ve stayed at in GRN to the value of the buyer wins.

Number one I’ve met people, they have bought the travel membership from
me five years ago that said,  you know I never built the  business, but
every year we use the membership. That’s number one.

Number two, We sold over a million dollars of Solomon CEO to buyers. They
didn’t buy it because they had to buy it to make money.

They bought it because they wanted the wisdom it contained and they’ve used it.

We’ve had upper management at Cisco, Fortune 500 companies that have bought
Solomon CEO and have applied it into their various businesses,  insurance
salesman’s all sorts of people, all sorts of demographics who bought it and
was able to apply it to their real life.

So I say that, because if you’re going to be in a make money at home industry.

I believe a lot of the products are shell products.
There’re not products people are buying because there’s value in the product.

If they don’t make money, they lost.

There’s no winning because the product was a shell to host an opportunity inside

Our product line is something people can buy and they win.

That’s the way it supposed to be. That’s the way it’s  legally
supposed to be as well, that’s number one

Number two, though is there’s a lot of products I believe in.

I believe in the 4 hour work week.

If I became an affiliate for the four hour workweek, the book
on Amazon and sold it ,I would make about a dollar as an affiliate or so.

So loving the product is not everything.

That’s number one but, that’s not everything.

Number two is that if I market this product, can it pay me?

Is it a platform that will allow’s me to achieve my dreams for myself
and for my family?

So what I love about TLA, is that we’re talking 40 people and you can
visualize this, 40 people in The Total Alliance and you’re at a 7 thousand
plus per month and we’re gonna have high stick because we gonna have high-value.

Really for me those were the two main things.

  • product line that was good in and of itself
  •  number two when people bought that there was  enough profit
    and enough margin that could justify my life energy.
  • And then number three, do you like the people that are in the
    community promoting with you? And I can’t answer that for you, but
    if you are viving   with Vincent and your viving with people inside
    the community with my style of leadership, with just the energy of
    the group. Then you’ve  got a trifecta there of a

    • good product
    • A good pay plan
    • people that you vibe with

For The Total Lifestyle Alliance. here Is what we are really looking for.

This is a total commitment.

The commitment is so serious, It’s really not for people that are just trying
things out and their gonna check out internet marketing.

Ya know,go onto Clickbank and spend 30 bucks 40 bucks and dork around that’s okay.
That’s really not what the TLA  is for.  The TLA is for people that are like,
I am going to be an Internet Marketer.

And it doesn’t matter if I make it in three months, six months, nine months,
12 months, 18 months, two years, 4 years, six years it doesn’t matter.

There is an end of the rainbow for me and I am going to be full time.

I am gonna make a six-figure income and that’s just a commitment.

That’s an attitude that you have.

You have that first before it shows up in your life.


Be sure a check out the links, and see for yourself what
the Internet Lifestyle Network and the Total Lifestyle Alliance
has to offer you.

Make it an amazing day!!
Peace and Success,

Kathleen Packard

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Who did you give your POWER to……..

……What incident in your life happened that deep inside
you have been holding back out of fear or resistance that
it would occur again… many years and missed opportunities
have you given your power to an incident or words that may have
been said to you that left a scar.

That you gave energy to… …I personally gave years to a
second grade teacher, and group of adolescent peers that left
me feeling venerable every time I was asked to answer a question
or wanted to share my thoughts…. a fear of what others would
think ……..with those two memories always haunting and dictating
ow much of myself I was willing to expose held me hostage and stopped
me from stepping into my own greatness.

“It is no exaggeration to say that every human being is hypnotized to some extent either by ideas he has uncritically accepted from others or ideas he has repeated to himself or convinced himself are true. These negative ideas have exactly the same effect upon our behavior as the negative ideas implanted into the mind of a hypnotized subject by a professional hypnotist.” – Dr Maxwell Maltz

For me it was probably three or four minutes with that teacher
and I gave up years of confidence because of that.

As you moved through school, peers and friends they say and do
things that you carry around, but for those few minutes they
moved on and yet how long how many years did you give up your
strength your power to somebody that said something to you.
There was a riddle when you when I was growing up, this little saying

“ Sticks and stones will break may bones but words will never hurt me”

Your bones heal within a couple of months and you move on somebody says
can some words to you and they last a lifetime and that can be
detrimental to your future. I see this happening with kids in
school today.

I see it happen with my granddaughter with teachers I just feel very
compelled now that we need to be cognizant of building people up rather
than tearing people down.

We all, and I keep saying this, came here with a gift and we all have
certain strengths that maybe somebody else doesn’t have. We may not have
the same strength that they have but that wasn’t what we came here to
deliver. We came here with something else. We came here with a purpose
and don’t let anyone crash that gift use it.

Use Your Power, do not give any more energy to someone that tore you down years ago!

Being able to come out here, do these videos now is a huge step for me.
There was a time when I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to post these out
for the world to see, for fear of what somebody would think, or somebody
would say.

Now, I don’t care, they’re not living my life. I’m not going to give them
any more of my power and I suggest that if this is happening to you,
find and put yourself around people that are willing to support, give you
that strength to overcome whatever it was in your life that might be holding
you back.

That’s one of the strongest things about the Internet Lifestyle Network
that I found. This is a community where everybody encourages everybody to be
the best that they can be. They encourage you to put yourself out there
without fear of ridicule.

No one is the best they can be at anything until you have experienced
it done it and done it again.

Put yourself out there, see that people are only going to give you
encouragement there is somebody else waiting for your message, somebody
else waiting to hear that they don’t have to be afraid anymore because
if you can do it they can do it. It will give them that support that they need.

Share your story, what you overcame.

  • Use words of encouragement.
  • Use words to lift up people.
  • Be careful of what you say to people.
  • Words have tremendous power, choose wisely.

I just had to share this message, to hopefully lift you up, give you
that courage to speak out, DO whatever it is that you have been holding
yourself back from and know that there are people out there that are
waiting for you.

Hopefully this message touched you, or if you know someone that it would
help, Please share it, and pay if forward.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel click on the links find out what I do and
maybe it’s something that can be of help to you

Make it a awesome day!
Peace and Success,

Kathleen Packard



P.S> Be sure to check out The Internet Lifestyle Network

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Hey Friends,

Headed out to pick up the mail, wanted to take a few minutes
and share some thoughts with you.

Do you have a dream and what is your vision for your life?

Do you really want to make a change and do more things with your life?

Is the vision you have BIG enough to include others , a team that
you want to work with that can help make your visions a reality?

Yes it takes work to make your vision become a reality, you don’t
achieve your dreams by just sitting back and visualizing. You have
to visualize them so that you know where you’re going, then beyond
that you need to APPLY the things that you learn and take action to
live life on PURPOSE.

All too often we tend to take on other peoples beliefs and we live
in their world rather than then our world rather than what we want to do.

When you tend to let go of what other people think, what other people
want and start living for the things that you came here for, the
things that you want ,you start living your life on purpose and your
vision and that’s when change comes about, and can really start making
impact that’s when you start believing in yourself .

I’m looking for some people that really have that dream that want to go
to work and change their lives and are willing to dig in and do what it
takes to make life happen.

Because, when you start living life on PURPOSE it has so many rewards,
here at The Internet Lifestyle Network we can provide how you can do that by
…. providing the system
we provide you with the training
we provide you with the product
and we are here to support you.

But the big key in this is YOU are you willing to do, what YOU need to do,
to build a business to change your life?

We can give you everything as far as, all the tools, the product and
everything that you would need to be successful but the one major
important element is you and we will believe in you until you can believe
in yourself.

So if belief in yourself is what is holding you back, that is minor we
can get past that as long as you have the desire, drive and vision of
what it is that you want to accomplish.

So came see how amazing The Internet Lifestyle Network is. This new Speedwell
System that we have the game changer to get you going within the first day.

Right now we have a seven day free trial come on and let’s get you started
let’s get you that some educational trainings with get you into some training
so you can see what difference you can make in a short period of time.

Make it a great day!
Peace and success
Kathleen Packard

Now please, go subscribe to my YouTube channel, Facebook, and most important go get yourself signed up and explore all that The Internet Lifestyle Network has to offer.

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Overcome Fear ~Kathleen Packard

I’m just finishing up another day here in the salon but wanted to shoot
this video to encourage you. If you are wanting to make a change in your
life it takes consistency and doing some real soul-searching as to why do
you want that change , when and what is it about it that you really want

When you do that you can drill down to what is going to be the thing
that drives you to take action . Only you can answer that question
but what I can tell you is that in order to make it happen you’ve
gotta visualize it as if you have it already.

See what it is that you want and then you’ve gotta go after it.

You have just got to push through any kind of fear you have,
because we all have them but we have to push through those
in order to make it happen. That’s just a test to see if you
really do want your dreams,

As you are pushing through those fears don’t take your advice
from those that earn less than you.

People that have not achieved the level of success you want,
don’t know what it takes to be successful at that level or
they would already be there.

Take your wisdom from those that are already where you want to be.

You need to look ahead and grow yourself, empower yourself to do
the things that you need to do on a daily basis so that you can
get the results that you want for your life.

Consistency, consistency, consistency do those actions that will
get you the results and the one thing that I do know is that
working with the Internet Lifestyle Networking and The Diamond Dream
team will give you everything you need, even if you’ve never done
an ounce of marketing before and you have no idea how to make it happen.

This is like the perfect storm right now with everything coming together

How easy is it to get in?…..Real easy

You can get started with a seven day free trial so you can see all that
The Internet Lifestyle Network has to offer. You can take the training’s;
see if it’s something that jives with you.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose,

Should you listen and do any one of those training’s you will have grown
yourself you’ll have invested in yourself and chances are you will have
already made a shift in your life. The Million Dollar Day training is amazing.

I encourage you to take action today on those dreams and desires. Don’t
worry about what somebody else is going to think or what .they may say,
because they’re not living your life, they do not pay your bills and
they’re not looking out for your future or have responsibility for your family.

Take action and click on the links and get started toward having the
lifestyle that you would like to live.

This is a very exciting time right now and you are in an amazing place.

Make 2014 your best year ever!!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Make it a great day!!
Peace and Success

Kathleen Packard


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Wow…Just got off  a webby with.Mark Hoverson and Vincent Ortega Jr.
with the Internet Lifestyle Network. I’m outside catching some fresh air
before the next snow storm hits and absorbing all that I just learned was
going to be taking place.

This is going to be able to change people’s lives for sure..

The announcement they made is gonna make the path to wealth so much
easier for people entering this industry at any level and being able
to experience success.

Imagine having just 10 personnel signups and making $1200 a month
or 25 and making $3100 a month  Kathleen Packard ~ ILN Alliance Elite Association
or 40 and making $7982 a month

Would any of those figures make a difference
in how you live your life?

The Internet Lifestyle Network, provides you with
all the tools, support and Community to be able to
Attract, Lead & Cultivate a 40 Person future.

You will be able to attract long term satisfied clients,
with the ease of entry for all who desire wisdom and freedom
to live life on their terms.

There are people looking for a solution to their pain in the
world they are living in right now, and just waiting for you
to engage with them.

Don’t waste another moment…TAKE ACTION now for you and those
that are waiting for just you to engage them.

Message me, or click right here to get started for FREE…..
so you can see first hand how much value there is, and how
good you can feel when offering so much value that is tangible.

People own and receive value over and over again from it
for Life

Make today and everyday an awesome day!
Peace and Success,


Kathleen Packard



Don’t delay go here now >>>>>.

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Tiny Investment… Brings Home Car Payment Sized Monthly Profits!

I am attending a live online event and I want you to
join me. It’s free, so you might as well, but beyond
that… a 7 & 8 figure earner is going to show us this
tiny investment that is going to bring us home car
payment sized monthly profits…

…and even though it sounds almost too good to be
true… I can promise you these guys are trust worthy
because they are already making THOUSANDS of
people money every day with their systems, products
and services…

So just trust me and join this live event with me!

Here is the info…

ILN Mark Changes









LIVE ONLINE EVENT: How YOU “Virtually Own”
The Best Pieces Of Real Estate All Over The World &
Make “Car Payment Size” Monthly Profits Off This Tiny
Investment. (SPACE IS LIMITED… Feb 11th, 8pm CST)

Click Here To Get Registered: Feb 11th, 8pm CST   9PM EST

1. You’ll discover a totally unique way to get car payment
sized monthly profits off a virtual real estate investment that
is SUPER TINY in comparison to the amount of money you
will make over your lifetime. ($125+/month minimum return
per… and unlimited potential if you…)

2. You’ll discover how to virtually own the best pieces of real
estate all over the world to also enjoy yourself… and create
memories with your family that last a lifetime. (which will
naturally attract people to pay you BIG MONEY for your
virtual real estate.)

3. You’ll discover how to tap into the 8 TRILLION a year
industry that only the millionaires and billionaires have been
able to take advantage of… (and now you can)

4. You’ll discover how we are taking what used to be
“untouchable for the average person to attain” – to now
taking it mainstream in 2014, so everyone can “partake”
in these HUGE PROFITS on a monthly bases.

5. You’ll discover why 7 & 8 figure earners Vince and Mark
believe this will be the quickest way to build a 5-figure monthly
residual income. (yes that is $10,000+/month hands off if you
position yourself properly like they show you.)

Click Here To Get Registered: Feb 11th, 8pm CST   9pm EST

Make sure you register now because our last webinar didn’t
have enough seats for the thousands of people who registered.

We can only hold 1000 per webinar live, so make sure that
you register now, and show up at least 20 minutes in advance.

See you live!

Peace and Success,

Kathleen Packard



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