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Lunch Time with Kathleen and Emily

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Don’t Ever, Ever give up…..

When I saw this video, I new it was a message that

had to shared with all who would take the time to

listen, all who want more, want  to be more, and want to

bring change to the world they live in.


Admiral William H McRaven
Commander, United States Special Operations Command


Shares at the University of Texas 2014  Commencement Address

 Start each day with a task completed.

Find someone to help you through life.

Respect everyone.

Know that life is not fair and that you will fail often,

but if take you take some risks, step up when the times

are toughest, face down the bullies, lift up the downtrodden and

never, ever give up—if you do these things, then next generation

and the generations that follow will live in a world far better than

the one we have today and—what started here will indeed have

changed the world—for the better.


What starts here changes the world

Make the the next 90 days the most life changing days

for not only you, but those that you touch.





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For Everything there is a Season…….

For everything there is a season,  while listening this morning to Joel Osteen

message of God Given Oportunity,  and when that moment comes listen and

take action as it is your moment.


The Season is our window of opportunity to accomplish it, it’s not

going to last forever it’s important to learn to move at the right time

Sometimes we miss our opportunities because we don’t recognize it is our



There are marked moments in your life, little things and big things,

God has already marked your moments, quite worrying and losing

sleep over it…..he has a plan.


God has you in the palm of his hand and there is nothing you are

facing right now and nothing you will ever face in the future that

God is not already aware of.


The Good News is He’s already got it figured out.


The Scripture says these are the plans I have for you. Plans to

prosper you, plans to bless you, plans to give you hope, and a

bright future.


One verse says…..God has prearranged for you to live the good life

that means for every setback, God has prearranged a comeback, for

every failure God has prearranged mercy, for every disappointment

God has arranged restoration, for every unfair thing God has prearranged



God talks about for everything there is a purpose , there is a season, and

there is a time.

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Making it Simple to Build a business online is what the

Simple Freedom Team does.

On Tuesday nights at 9PM EST  there is Simple Freedom

Training, it’s free and open to all who would like to watch.

If you miss the  live training, you can catch it 24/7 by

clicking here:


In this short video below Franco shares some of the strategies

the Simple Freedom Team uses to prompt their business.











Simple Freedom Internet Marketing School is Free!

Click Here to attend the most recent class.

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Happy Mother Day’s, Taking Time to Connect

Such a wonderful weekend along with connecting with family

I had the chance to connect with an internet friend,

Michelle and learn what she does and shares on her blog the Maine Artery…..

You will find a link on the right hand side that will take you too her blog. Be sure

and check it out and leave Michelle a quick message that you stopped by for a visit.


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I Can See Clearly Now

Ever have one of those days when all of a sudden the light bulb goes on…….Theme song for today….Make it an amazing day

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Not Sure if Networking is Right for You

Those bills that come every month that you have to pay …

How about some Residual income to take care of the Residual bills

Do the work once and get paid over and over every month

Not sure what Networking is all about,
Even if you do, are you thinking maybe
you wouldn’t understand, or be able to do it
check out our free training




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What about the leadership??

I firmly believe that to get a real

feel for any organization all you

really have to do is get to know

its leaders:


Here’s your chance to do just that

and find out who are some of the

main driving forces behind the

phenomenal success that our

team is experiencing.


We’ve developed 61 members

on our team who are earning

$600 or more per month since



Find out what makes this different

from the other programs out there

and just how we can help you

create freedom in your life too.


Click this link for the video:


Make it an Amazing Day,

Peace and Success,

Kathleen Packard

P.S. Feel free to join my team

right now.

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URGENT: about your Money I need you to see this


I can honestly say, if you miss this information it’ll
be like flushing yourMoney down the drain, seriously.



What I just witnessed in March was incredible.

If it wasn’t so “real-time” documented and shared by
thousands all over facebook, I wouldn’t believe it myself…

Here’s what happened and here’s the deal…

I was invited to take part in a test online with a select
group of people…



They were testing out a concept on how to use facebook and
a simple video to create cashflow NOT for the usual “gooroos”
but for the rest of us… people like you and I…

And it WORKED!

I mean… no, look… it was a SMASHING SUCCESS!

From zero people to over 950+ in LESS than 90 days…

Hundreds of people in profit mode, most who’d never really
made anything online before… and here’s the thing about it…

…they REFUSED to do anything complicated!

They focused and obsessed on ONLY doing things that were
super simple to prove a point… and it was a SMASING SUCCESS…

…anyway, the growth is now viral and the velocity is
increasing and I have to invite you to something they’re
doing tonight forFREE…

Click the link below and be a special guest inside our
hangout tonight at 9PM Eastern. They’re going to be revealing
EXACTLY how and WHY this worked so well and why it’s getting
so much faster.

Listen, just click and be there.

Trust me.

Not being there live tonight is the same as taking a wad of your
cashflow and flushing it down a dirty drain. I’m inviting you…
just click the link at 9PM Eastern so you don’t miss out…

This one is special… just learn about it so you don’t say I
never told you early on…

See you there,
Kathleen Packard 


WakeUp Empowered! Discover Your Key to True Financial Freedom.

Click this link to review the latest WakeUp Empowered Team’s Hangout
where we give you a step by step plan of action to create a $5,000 Per Month
Residual Online Income over the course of the next 90 days.

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Increase Your Productivity

Hi my friends,

Eben Pagan has released another
new video you’ll really love…

It shows you a time-honored tool to
dramatically increase your personal
productivity and c.ash profits!







The bottom line is that there are certain
things you can start doing RIGHT NOW
in any business to shift into high-growth
mode, and this video will show how …

Here’s what you expect in the video:

Why all of us – everyone – is inherently
talented when it comes to creativity and
productivity… and how to unlock your own
unique genius in this area

Eliminate distractions, interruptions,
and other “energy-vampires” in your life

A powerful “Productivity Pyramid” tool,
and how to use it to find the things in your
business that leads to accelerate growth!

How to design a “habit practice” – so you
do the right things every day, habitually
…and much, much more. But you have to
grab your mouse to watch this video … I
can’t do that for your. Here you go:

For Your Freedom,
Peace and Success.

~ Kathleen Packard





PS: Don’t quit your job or make any drastic
decisions just because you watch this video,
but take this as a warning that it might make
you excited with a bigger vision for yourself!
Here’s the link you can forward to others

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